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SEM ResearchSummary, Hitachi 4300

My name is Cassidy Sooter. I am a graduate student in the Plant and Soil Science Department working with Dr.Wayne Hudnall towards an M.S. in Soil Science. A title for my research is“Regeneration of Zeolite Filters Using Electrodialysis.” My research involves remediation of polluted water resources and the mineral zeolite. Zeolite filters are useful for removing heavy metals from polluted bodies of water.After the zeolite is used as a remediation tool, however, the following questions arise: What method should be used to dispose of the metal-loadedzeolite? Or, better yet, is it possible to remove the metals from the zeolitefilters, or regenerate the filters, so that they might be used again for heavymetal remediation?

The goal of my research is to determine if it is possible to regenerate metal-loaded zeolite using electro dialysis, which involves theuse of an electrical current to remove heavy metals from the adsorption siteson the zeolite. Scanning Electron Microscopy provides a way for me to not only imagethe zeolite samples used in this research, but to also determine what types ofions are present on the zeolite at any given time using EDAX, or Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy. In particular, I will be using EDAX to determine whether or not electro dialysis successfully removes heavy metals from zeolite filters. 

Cassidy Sooter

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